Too many things, to much Trump

It’s been a long time since I last posted to my blog — a long time.  AND!  Given I really have no ‘regular’ readers, I guess that’s okay — except I won’t get readers if I don’t post. Vicious circles.

Anyway, I have been wanting to post on the news and everything that’s going on, but find it hard to keep up and stay timely?  I mean, watching the news it seems like if you walk away for even 10 minutes to use the bathroom, you’ve missed something.  The speed of the “Breaking News” moments is important to consider — important to keep in mind.

Consider this:  Trump has a House of Representatives and Senate stacked with party hardliners that risk loss of voter support should they turn against Trump.  This hardliner phenomenon started when the Republicans became beholden to the Tea Party — the impact of which has been long lasting.

When the Tea Party ‘came online’ it forced the Republicans to slide further right.  Largely because the main-line conservatives didn’t voice any resistance to the extremism that has now embedded itself into the party platform.  This is because the main-line Republicans were not going to abandon the party at the ballot box because of the Tea Partiers.  This meant that in order to make sure the Republicans captured the far right crazies voters (along with the main-line guaranteed voters), they had to move to right to ensure they captured the entire party demographics.

The same elements that drove the Tea Party are the base Trump voters — these are voters that wouldn’t vote Democrat even if Jesus Christ was the candidate. AND! These are same voters that are keeping the Republican party mired and controlled by the extreme right — see the MacArthur amendment in the Try’n Care bill.

Given this environment, it will take something catastrophic to shake away these voters love of Trump, and so Republicans won’t touch Trump until it becomes politically expedient to do so.  Even if a case was brought against him or his campaign/cabinet, his own appointed lackeys would have to prosecute him, and that’s not likely to happen.

That leaves the court of public opinion — given Trump lost the popular vote and more and more people are jumping off the Trump Train as healthcare and tax reforms are being dissected to reveal thier impact — this is the court that has to step up.

BUT!  This is where the, above mentioned, impact of the speed of news becomes important.  It is impossible for the court of public opinion to focus its attention and deeper consideration on a single item when there are two or three new breaking news items each day.  The magnitude of information becomes too much for the court to drill down with and attack — which is a bit unnerving.

To combat this effect, the court has to make sure there are members dedicated to following the different threads specifically.  This will mean that certain groups will have to ignore the Collusion issue, to focus on the method of Russian Election Meddling Tactics.  Another group needs to focus on policy attacks currently underway, which another needs to examine/focus on emoluments.

I am not sure how to get different groups to do this, or how to organize this — which is another hurdle the court has to overcome — though I am sure there are organizers that can get something going.

Let me know, how this could get going?




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