A Fascist By Any Other Name

Again, RawStory has a piece up that caught my eye — this time about a vile fascist Trump supporter willing to vomit vile racist and vulgar language at children.

His language and anti-American fascist concepts only serve to dehumanize his victims so he can feel powerful in a position of superiority, when in reality he shows his position as beneath his victims.

Don’t think it’s fascist?  Consider the following as a basic element of Fascism:

Fascism’s focus on immigration, founded on the desire for monoracial countries, draws on the anxieties that are often tied to Left organizing. The “offshoring” of jobs due to neoliberal globalization, isolationist rhetoric in the anti-war movement, labor institutions’ fears of immigrant workers driving down wages, environmental fears associated with population growth, the scapegoating of Islamic immigrants for supposedly repudiating liberal norms, and the smug liberal secularism of the US coasts, are all well mobilized by fascist movements attempting to use liberal modes of thought for their own anti-immigrant populism. (Twenty-Five Theses on Fascism Item 11)

No patriotic American should excuse or approve of this man’s behavior — it is what leads to all out destruction and programs to eliminate other races like Nazi Germany.  It is based on fear and fear alone.

Fear he and his kind — white, supposed Christians — are losing out to a minority group.  That his concept of Christianity is under attack in America.  That immigrants are here to willfully destroy an idealism (though never realized) concept of The American Way of Life.

John Turano, or “Based Spartan”, claims to have left the Alt-right after a clash with Antifa in June because he questioned the Alt-Rights values:

“Turano said as a single, working father, he did not have time to sit behind a computer screen and follow the alt-right. When Turano began to see swastikas at these protests and racial slurs on the internet, however, he came to understand how the “other side” saw “patriots.”” (1)

It appear his new found acceptance didn’t last and, though he denounces the swastika, he doesn’t denounce what it stands for.  Either way, the lesson and image offer the same message.

This type of behavior and set of beliefs is poisoning American and the real unpatriotic behavior and we must push back any way we can.



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