A New Direction — Normalizing Crazy

As candidates like Roy Moore are normalized (or at least his alleged behavior is overlooked)  and the actions of the Trump Administration drag norms of acceptable behavior (and policy) by our elected and appointed officials off into areas ranging from disappointing to devastating, I felt I needed to start doing something.

  • As such, I will be doing the following:
    •  Start writing, in particular, regarding the people and groups that support the above corruption of democratic norms — namely the alt-right, alt-lite, and others that either willing or unwilling support the ideas above.
    • Participating in direct action events as they arise in my area

Rather than giving to into anger and letting it take control to a point where getting fed up and quitting becomes the easiest answer, which has happened to many, I will add my voice to the fight in an as non-violent manner as I can muster.

With that, I wanted to start with a re-blogging of something I found while trying to research local hate/fascist groups as means to narrow my focus.  I believe re-blogging this will help define some concepts and things to be aware of in coming fight.

Please read 25 Theses on Fascism and feel free to comment here or on the IAS site.




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