Why are Republicans Fighting For Trump?

I have, maybe a different take on why Republicans are trying to derail the Russia investigation — and it isn’t because of the optics for the party or the fear of losing out on their policies.  I mean, even if Trump, Pence, and others go down a Republican (and likely a “Freedom Caucus” friendly Republican) would take over keeping thier agenda intact.

I think a weak link and starting point might be Reince Priebus.  Consider that Trump and he didn’t get along before a certain point in this whole thing.  Trump, early in his campaign, complained the RNC had rigged the nomination process against him prompting Priebus to fight back.  Then, as this Timeline shows, that quickly changed.

Priebus’ tone changes at a key moment in Trump’s campaign — just a month or so before Trump wins the nomination.  Couple this with the Russian blitz of fake anti-Clinton and Pro-Trump social media posts and it’s possible Priebus (and others in the GOP) started to understand there was no real way Trump could lose. It is almost as if Trump and the GOP knew he would win, but that a topic for another post.

It would be interesting to do a in-depth analysis of donations to the RNC and see if there was increase in the number of different donors or donor money during March,  April and June 2016 and how that money funneled out of the RNC to Republicans up for election.

Again, in March, Trump started to say whole thing was rigged against him, then a month later Priebus is on Trumps’ side — and any condemnation afterward was weak. Republican leadership condemnation of Trump was weak — save for some of the statements on the Access Hollywood tapes — which were quickly over-shadowed with the DNC and Podesta emails.

Then Trump wins and strangely makes Priebus chief of staff (one of the most important positions in the WH). Why would he do that, unless (and this speculation) Trump and Manafort, etc, worked with Priebus to funnel dirty money into the RNC which in turn funneled that money to the various leaders of the Republican Party, earning Priebus a favored position in Trump’s cabinet.

It’s also around February that Manafort started getting involved with the campaign — and it’s May when he joins officially as chairman, it’s also May when Priebus starts to flat-out defend Trump.

Why did Priebus change his tune? Just to serve the party, or because suddenly the RNC got some nice contributions. It’s hard to prove since Citizen’s United allowed for unfettered undisclosed donors to PACs and it’s easy to spread stuff out so it doesn’t look suspicious.

However, it’s not hard to Imagine how easy it would be for supposedly legit looking private holding companies (like the ones Manafort has/had) — holding companies — that could have  funneled money into the RNC and key Republican leaders campaign coffers to keep them quiet and complacent as Trump ascended and quiet after he was elected.

So, I’m thinking, somewhere between March and and July dirty money started coming into the RNC and other Trump/Republican PACs — which coincides with about the same time most Republican leaders shut their mouths about the craziness of Trump and his campaign.

Finally, regardless of whether recipients of dirty knew about where contributions were coming for not, if it comes out that a portion of the money used by any Republican, was Russian, dirty, or laundered, they would seen a complicit in anti-Democratic activities and their reputations and the reputation of the Republican party as a whole would be forever tarnished.

Any maybe they know that.  Maybe that’s why they have been so desperate to jam through as much shit policy as they can — as much of thier donor-class policies as they can, before Mueller moves from letting stuff drip drip drip out and open that tap wide open.



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