About Angry1541

I am an avid gamer, voracious reader of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction, musician, and complete news junkie.

I obtained his Masters of Art in English in 2009 writing an analysis of video games as text. Since then he goes through spurts of writing poetry, like this one:  Charlie Brown. Or writing opinion pieces like this one: Forced into a Mold — Competition among Boys.

Topics range from mental health to politics to whatever strikes me as interesting write about — poetry, fiction, quotes, whatever.

I hope you find something that strikes you as interesting.


4 thoughts on “About Angry1541

      1. From what I gather it’s a way in which people on here can show appreciation for other bloggers work. I got nominated by someone and in return I nominate 10 other bloggers. And so it passes on etc.

        Of course it’s not obligatory you do a post on it. Especially if you’re busy with other content you’re producing. Personally I think it’s nice knowing that people like my writing, but obviously there’s not much significance in it outside of that.

        I hope that helps 🙂

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