Why are Republicans Fighting For Trump?

I have, maybe a different take on why Republicans are trying to derail the Russia investigation — and it isn’t because of the optics for the party or the fear of losing out on their policies.  I mean, even if Trump, Pence, and others go down a Republican (and likely a “Freedom Caucus” friendly Republican) […]

A Fascist By Any Other Name

Again, RawStory has a piece up that caught my eye — this time about a vile fascist Trump supporter willing to vomit vile racist and vulgar language at children. His language and anti-American fascist concepts only serve to dehumanize his victims so he can feel powerful in a position of superiority, when in reality he […]

Pro-Choice is Not Pro-Abortion

There is an article today on RawStory.com quoting Penny Young Nance saying that Roy Moore’s opponent support ‘full-term abortion’.    She is liar.  Doug Jones has clarified his position: “I fully support a woman’s freedom to choose to what happens to her own body,” Jones said. “Having said that, the law for decades has been […]

A New Direction — Normalizing Crazy

As candidates like Roy Moore are normalized (or at least his alleged behavior is overlooked)  and the actions of the Trump Administration drag norms of acceptable behavior (and policy) by our elected and appointed officials off into areas ranging from disappointing to devastating, I felt I needed to start doing something. As such, I will […]

Was Trump Set Up by the Russians?

  Something has been bothering me for a while now with the “whole Trump Rursia thing” (as Trump himself so eloquently put it).  I think there’s a completely different way to look at this, where the Russians are more deeply involved in a type of double plot. Consider this: Trump did collude.  Or his campaign […]

Policing the Police — Breakdown of Video

This morning I was poking around my usual news sites and came across the following video of a police officer ‘arresting’ a nurse that refused to draw blood on an unconscious patient, citing the hospital policy. In the comments section there is a very black and white discussion — she’s wrong, she’s right, etc.  From […]

Too many things, to much Trump

It’s been a long time since I last posted to my blog — a long time.  AND!  Given I really have no ‘regular’ readers, I guess that’s okay — except I won’t get readers if I don’t post. Vicious circles. Anyway, I have been wanting to post on the news and everything that’s going on, […]

What does Trump Know: or I just don’t know

First of:  I don’t know! I don’t know that Trump, or any of sycophants, campaign critters, or appointees colluded with Russia, or anyone else for that matter. BUT! It doesn’t look good does it?  I mean, maybe there was no direct statement to any Russian agents to tune of “Help [him or me] win the […]

A View on the Election Results

It’s probably evident I am left leaning in my politics and the results of Tuesday’s Presidential Election were hard to stomach.  At points in the evening, as the results came in, I fluctuated between feeling hopeless and feeling hopeful.  My wife at times cheered and at others cried. It was a rough night. The next day […]