Forbidden Thread

A loose thread hanging free from a hem with a tiny persistently begging little voice digging into the ear like water torture “Pull me, pull me, please set me free!” Becomes an unscratchable growing itch just below neck between shoulder   blades the Midwest on the map of the back

Petals – A Re-write

Petals once — dead — once not but — red — Hanging once — crisp — once in a while — falling — to the naked floor — once — a still rose — rests — still erect in a — vase — with water still – milky — brown, smelling — sweet — like an dry old rose — still — red-like […]


These damned dirty demons haunt prowling dreams and waking thoughts visions of yesterday and days past images furious and breakneck fast lies of good and simple pleasures false idols of slothful lazy leisure

Ebola in Motion

Originally posted on Wuji Seshat:
The bleeding has no bias From the Congo to Dallas The days of waiting, the Fever-soar The African corpses were out Of view, from the World’s eyes If a sneeze can defile Ebola can ride airplanes Traverse Seas, all through Your plastic gloves, your pores Contagious still with death Your…

Old Poetry and Fiction

What do you all think?  Should I transcribe my really old (awful) poetry as posts on here?  What about old fiction, maybe break it up into daily chunks?  Some of the fiction is passable…:) Let me know, and I will follow suit!

Ding Ding Ding

Wow — I never thought when I started this blog that I’d ever get 100 followers.  Hell, I never thought anyone but family and friends would wanna follow this blog. Thanks all, I appreciate everyone of you!

Struggles with Bipolar Disorder

So….I am gonna come out, so to speak…maybe it’ll help my healing. I have a mental disorder.  Wow…just the words mental disorder are hard to get out.  They carry so much weight….so much stigma….so much bullshit…so much unknown….so much fear. A little under a year ago I was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder type 2 — […]