A View on the Election Results

It’s probably evident I am left leaning in my politics and the results of Tuesday’s Presidential Election were hard to stomach.  At points in the evening, as the results came in, I fluctuated between feeling hopeless and feeling hopeful.  My wife at times cheered and at others cried. It was a rough night. The next day […]

Gendering and Mental Health

Lately I have been exploring the current concepts of how parental influence creates, demonstrates, and reinforces concepts of masculinity in developing boys.  In particular, I have been exploring how young boys are made to deny parts of themselves in order to conform to the dominant cultural concepts of maleness. This is true of all men, even […]


I know that a large part of running a successful blog is consistency and regular productivity.  I mean, it’s not hard to understand that if there is no new content, there are no new (or recurring) readers. This something I really struggle with in regard to my blogs.  My other blog, showcasing (lol) my poetry usually […]

The Problem with Vacations

A couple weeks ago I had an entire week off work for vacation time because my wife was between semesters for her doctoral program and wasn’t working on a practicum (think indentured servitude) at the time.  It was great — sort of. This last weekend I had four days off because my company gives us […]

Denial, Suppression, and Anger

    In my last post, I described how I experience depression.  I wrote a description that doesn’t exactly fit the DSM IV criteria.  In some ways it did, but in others it was different.  Let’s look at this: The DSM, in simple terms (for length I paraphrased), defines a diagnosis of depression as follows: […]

A Book You Should Read

I have been reading the book I Don’t Want To Talk About It by Terrance Real, which is about depression as experienced by men.   So far, about half way through, it’s an excellent book that proves to be very thought provoking.  As someone that suffers from depression, who has been in therapy for a while […]

Depression? Me? Nah! — My Story

I’m don’t feel sad or blue.  I don’t break down crying for no apparent reason.  I still go to work — maybe begrudgingly, but I go.  My appetite is normal. I am not suicidal. Everything is fine. But it’s not! I sleep A LOT.  I fall asleep watching TV, reading, or even playing a video game. […]

Charlie Brown

A kite in the tree the crab apple tree Want to get it down the kite is stuck and you only shrug Say “Let the dog in” This is your life Charlie Brown A Monarch in the tree the kite is a Monarch Stuck in the tree In the crab apple tree Still you only […]