Why are Republicans Fighting For Trump?

I have, maybe a different take on why Republicans are trying to derail the Russia investigation — and it isn’t because of the optics for the party or the fear of losing out on their policies.  I mean, even if Trump, Pence, and others go down a Republican (and likely a “Freedom Caucus” friendly Republican) […]

Too many things, to much Trump

It’s been a long time since I last posted to my blog — a long time.  AND!  Given I really have no ‘regular’ readers, I guess that’s okay — except I won’t get readers if I don’t post. Vicious circles. Anyway, I have been wanting to post on the news and everything that’s going on, […]

A View on the Election Results

It’s probably evident I am left leaning in my politics and the results of Tuesday’s Presidential Election were hard to stomach.  At points in the evening, as the results came in, I fluctuated between feeling hopeless and feeling hopeful.  My wife at times cheered and at others cried. It was a rough night. The next day […]