Let’s Explore — Doors — A Cycle of Doors

The door on the floor below the third, where I work never opens, locked tight against my prying curiosity, driving the fantasy of outlandish accompanying stories to strange concocted mental images. Like giant blinking, pulsing masses of bits Of circuit boards inextricably intertwined With mounds of Giger-like living organs Computing possibilities of improbable events, such […]

Humor’s Rest Part 1 of ????

Mesphito and his army of minions, stood on the high hills to the west of the vast, and often divided, city of Humor’s Rest, They stood outlined by a fading blood red sunset. Humor’s Rest sprawled below Mesphito, split in two by a river running straight north and south, a lone central island sat empty […]

For any fantasy lovers out there…

Check out Brethren Through Bloodshed, a fantasy novel by MK Lauren, a good friend of mine…eBook only…Amazon is where I picked it up… If you like it and wanna let him know, you can follow him on Facebook , and twitter.