Notes from Smiling1541….

Hey all, I have been exploring Buddhism and generally working toward an improved outlook on life, with therapy and all and figured Angry1541 wasn’t the best name I could use.  So, as I have been smiling a lot lately, I figured….okay…Smiling1541 it is. Same site, same everything, new URL and what not….enjoy! ~smiling

Haiku Heaven/Hell

I find it amazing, and maybe a bit disappointing, how many poems posted on poetry blogs are haikus. First of all, a lot of haikus sound forced as it’s such a gentle and difficult form in which to write really GOOD poetry. I certainly can claim absolutely no mastery over ANY form of poetry, but […]

Setting New Challenges for Myself

Last month I participated in the  A to Z Challenge, posting a poem a day (sometimes more as the muse struck) that began with a letter of the alphabet–starting with “A” on April first, “B” on the second and so on and so forth. I found this to be an excellent method to impose deadlines […]

On Being Surprised

Good morning (or whatever time it is when you are reading this). I wanted to take a quick time out from poetry and the A to Z Blog Challenge and just say the following: I am very surprised at the amount of the likes and followers I (though mostly my poetry) has garnered in the […]